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Are cheaters a problem in your server? Use our tool to detect them, that’s cheap and useful. What are you waiting for? Scroll down and discover more about us.

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CheatScraper is a web-based SS Tool, so you won’t need to download anything, that’s just online! Insert your nickname, your password and you’re ready to detect cheaters. Check our super-cheap licenses, they’re permanent!


With our scanner in less than a minute you can detect any kind of cheaters.

PH 2

We're Process Hacker 2 based. We actually work with "Javaw"


All our payments are certified PayPal. Trust us when we say that we just want to find cheaters 😉


If you have any problem with our tool, you can send a mail to [email protected]

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Most frequent questions and answers

No. CheatScraper is a paid tool. This lets us improve the features

We use PayPal to sell our licenses. Using PayPal account, the license will be activate automatically. But if you want to use cards you’ll have to wait a little bit before having your account

Yes! We can also find many other clients like Incognito, Harambe, Vape V2, Vea, Fusk…

No. Our strings are private so we don’t spread them

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